Is it important to keep your pool clean? Duh.

Is it important to keep your pool clean? Duh.

In Australia, Europe and the United States and other regions, when it comes to swimming pools, what comes to mind is the private swimming pool located at the door of the house. For most swimming pool owners, daily cleaning and maintenance is far more complicated than taking care of the yard, which is time-consuming and expensive - so a big project.

But if you don't maintain your swimming pool or spa pool, when the water quality deteriorates, the energy and money you need to spend will be several times that of immediate action, and will affect the health of you and your family at the same time.

In the maintenance of the swimming pool,

It's not only important to keep the chemical part in balance (such as maintaining the acid-base balance, the content of chlorine and other necessary chemical components is kept at an average level),

but also important to keep the physical part is good (such as the regular cleaning of the filter, the vacuuming of the swimming pool wait).

1. The swimming pool looks crystal clear, but is this water healthy and safe?

Maybe your pool or spa looks crystal clear, but is it really?

It is not enough to judge the quality of swimming pool water quality by visual inspection alone, also necessary to measure the pH of the water and the content of chloride ions - It's easy to overlook, but it's a water-critical option.

If one of the reasons you bought a house in the first place was to look at the matching swimming pool, then routine testing of the water quality of the swimming pool is an indispensable choice in your daily maintenance.

Here, we recommend that you test your water quality at least once a week to ensure it is healthy and suitable for human skin contact.

  • Create a comfortable and healthy swimming environment

When the acid-base balance of your swimming pool is out of balance, whether it is acidic or alkaline, it is not good for the health of swimmers.

The skin and eyes are the most vulnerable parts of the body when you are in close contact with the swimming pool. If there is a problem with the water quality in the swimming pool, there is a high chance of developing eye and skin diseases.

The human eye is the most delicate organ. When exposed to acid-base imbalance or polluted water, it is easy to suffer from acute conjunctivitis commonly known as "pink eye" or epidemic keratitis. The skin, as the largest organ of the human body, has the largest area in contact with water and is caused by poor water quality, which is prone to causing rash and itching intolerable.

The pH value of swimming pool water that is most suitable for human health should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

In order to ensure the acid-base balance, eliminate invisible hidden dangers of diseases, and protect the health of family members, regular testing of swimming pool water quality is essential.

  • Correct use of chemical additives

If the water in the pool is out of acid-base balance and becomes acidic, you will have to add a lot of chlorine powder, chlorinated solvents or other chemicals to make adjustments. If you regularly test the swimming pool, adjust it in time if you find any problems, and add chlorine stabilizers, then the use of chemical additives will be greatly reduced, which will not only be more beneficial to the health of swimmers, but also save maintenance costs.

When the pH value in the swimming pool is too high and the alkali content is too saturated, you need to add hydrogen chloride or other acidic chemical particles to neutralize it. After four hours, filter the pool water and reset the pool circulation system to achieve the optimum pH.

In the hot summer months, the sunshine hours are long, and the sunlight can consume the chlorine disinfectant in the swimming pool. This is where chlorine stabilizers come in handy again. Using chlorine stabilizers can save up to 50 percent of the cost of chlorine disinfectants. At the same time, if a chlorine generator is installed in the swimming pool, the running time of the instrument can be reduced, electricity bills and salt consumption can be saved.

  • Equipment loss due to acid-base imbalance

Good water quality with acid-base balance will prolong the service life of swimming pool equipment, otherwise, it will cause damage to the equipment. For example, when the chloride ions in the water are in an unsaturated state, the service life of water pumps, chlorinators, etc. will be shortened, and even irreversible damage will be caused.

If you pay attention to checking the water balance on a daily basis, you can avoid the above problems. At the same time, you can maintain the appropriate calcium content and pH in the water, and you can also avoid corrosion of other metal parts such as swimming pool handrails.

  • Avoid scale formation on the bottom of the swimming pool

If the mineral content of the water is too high, it is easy to cause scale on the bottom or around the pool. When poor water quality corrodes the contact surface for a long time, spots or discoloration will remain on the bottom and walls of the pool.

Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the calcium content in the swimming pool water in an ideal state of around 300pm.

2. Pool cleaning and maintenance

It is vital that at all times, at least in the pool you can see the bottom.

Simply put, pool cleaning ensures that all systems are functioning properly to ensure that the pool water is clear and properly purified.

That way, with a clean pool, we'll make sure that on sunny days, and on hot days, we have the best way to have fun, take a dip in the pool! best sunny day.

  • When to clean the pool?

The frequency of cleaning will directly depend on the environment, the climate of the pool, the temperature of the water, and the purpose of the pool.

1) Frequency of pool cleaning during peak season:

Twice a week

2) Frequency of pool cleaning during the off-season:

We recommend you can choose to close your pool (which means 0 maintenance).

  • Determinant of a clean pool 01: Temperature

When the temperature rises to 25℃, the pool water tends to become cloudy due to a pH imbalance and let algae appear.

At this time,

First and most importantly, in order to remove the green or cloudy water, it is necessary to properly treat the green pool water with water filtration.

Second, although to prevent all consequences of heat, it is advisable to continuously control and adjust the pH and disinfectants (chlorine, bromine, salt, etc.) used in the pool.

Third, we recommend the use of anti-algal products.

  • Determinant of a clean pool 02: Rainwater

The aftermath of a pool storm

Indeed, storms can cause unnecessary turbidity of water.

In order for climatic factors not to affect the condition and treatment of the pool water, a pool cover can puts an end to this problem.

3. List procedures for cleaning swimming pools

Now, as soon as you have a concrete idea of the points, we will list the procedure for cleaning the swimming pool, and then we will explain it in detail and tell you clearly.

1) Use the correct water

2) Assess the pH of the pool water

3) Maintain the level of disinfection

4) What to do according to the disinfection treatment of pool water

5) Adequate levels of cyanuric acid (chloramines)

6) Sufficient alkalinity in the pool

7) Ensure proper pool water temperature

8) Ensure water recirculation

9) Cleaning products for our swimming pools

10) Swimming pool cleaning routine

11) Avoid water pollution

12) Avoid contact with materials that are harmful to the pool

13) Sleep Pool

4. Do you want a time-saving and labor-saving swimming pool cleaning robot?

Most swimming pools are outdoor swimming pools. Polluted swimming pools such as leaves, dust and insects are inevitable. At this time, it is necessary to filter and vacuum the swimming pool. These impurities, especially leaves and insects, are in the water.

It is easy to rot, destroying the acid-base balance of water and affecting the effect of chlorine disinfection.

The filtration of the swimming pool can remove some tiny impurities, but most of the leaf bugs still need a swimming pool vacuum cleaner to deal with.

If you have to clean the swimming pool by hand, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming, laborious and tedious task.

But if you hand over a pool cleaning robot, the pool will look brand new after an hour or two without human supervision.

An automatic swimming pool cleaner is definitely a "powerful person" in home life. Automatic energy-saving equipment can save you time and money, making cleaning the swimming pool no longer a hassle.

The pool robot will fully automate the cleaning, and the entire automatic process can take up to a week. You don't need to do anything the rest of the time, except when the filter bag is full of debris and needs to be emptied manually.

The swimming pool cleaning robot is more comprehensive and thorough in the cleaning process, which can avoid the incomplete cleaning of algae and cause the swimming pool water to turn green. At the same time, the robot will speed up the water cycle when cleaning, which means fewer chemicals are used and money saved - the best value for money!

There are currently three types of swimming pool cleaning robots on the market, namely Pressure Cleaner (pressure vacuum cleaner), Pool Return Cleaner (return vacuum cleaner), and Robotic Cleaner (robot fully automatic vacuum cleaner).

  • Way 01) Pressure Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The working principle:

Connect the vacuum cleaner to the Skimmer Box of the swimming pool through the plastic pipe when the swimming pool filter system is activated, and use the suction of the swimming pool pump to drive the vacuum cleaner to suck the impurities in the swimming pool into the Skimmer box and the pipes of the Skimmer Box. There is a small basket, small impurities pass through, and large impurities remain in the basket, and the basket can be cleaned regularly.


a. The cost is low

b. It can effectively clean the sand, impurities and dirt in the pool


Driven by manpower, and it is somewhat powerless to remove large-scale sundries.

  • Way 02) Backflow Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The working principle:

The main function and working principle are similar to the above-pressure vacuum cleaners. They are also used in swimming pools with many fallen leaves, but do not need a dedicated return pipe or an additional booster pump, just connect and use the existing return pipe or solar heating pipe.

These products don't scrub the walls of the pool like a vacuum cleaner, but they can effectively remove large debris and other loose debris from the water and maintain the cleanliness of the pool for a long time.


a. The price is cheap.

b. There are no wearing parts. It is easier to break the water pipe, but it can last at least 5-6 years under normal circumstances. If you replace the water pipe, it is recommended not to buy substitutes cheaply, the effect is not good.

c. The vacuuming effect is acceptable.


a. When encountering irregular places such as steps and corners, it is easy to block the block and often have to stare.

b. Increase the burden on the water pump and consume electricity. After a long time, the water pump may be easily damaged

c. More than 10 meters of water pipes and vacuum cleaners are placed in the water, which hinders swimming; if they are taken out of the swimming pool, if they are placed by the pool, they will be unsightly.

d. The vacuuming effect is not as good as that of a robot vacuum cleaner, and many places cannot be cleaned.

  • Way 03) Robotic Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The working principle:

The robot vacuum cleaner integrates the advantages of the above two cleaners, cleaning more thoroughly and operating more intelligently.

Get rid of the constraints of the water pump, the power drive comes from its own motor and power supply.


a. Because this vacuum cleaner has a super cleaning effect, the water quality is very clear, and it can achieve professional cleaning and maintenance effects. The cleaning effect is extraordinary. After cleaning, and swimming in the water, the bottom of the pool and the water in the pool have never been so clean. , there is a crystal palace-like crystal clear feeling, which is refreshing.

b. It is precisely because it can achieve the effect of professional cleaning and maintenance, and also reduce the time and frequency of physical maintenance of the swimming pool.

c. Regular use can greatly share the working pressure of the filter and prolong its life of the filter.
d. It is easy to move in and out.
e. From a technical point of view, sharing the working pressure of the filter can prolong its life of the filter. It can effectively reduce the burden on the filter pump, and it is said that it can reduce power consumption by more than 70%.


Although the price is expensive, it is recommended to take the pain to do it in one step, clean the swimming pool more effectively, and save time and trouble at the same time.





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