The Best Robot Pool Vacuum For Above Ground Pools. Winning.

The Best Robot Pool Vacuum For Above Ground Pools. Winning.

If you're tired of dealing with a grimy above-ground pool, switching to a robot pool vacuum is a great move. These helpful cleaners provide a lot of perks not found in other types of pool cleaners.

With a robot pool cleaner, you don't have to deal with all the hassle of setting up a suction-side cleaner. Furthermore, robotic cleaners aren't as easily damaged as suction-side cleaners, which can break if they accidentally suck up any rocks. Meanwhile, pressure-side cleaners do have a filter that keeps rocks and sticks from damaging the cleaner. However, they don't always work well with above-ground pools, and they can be a little pricey to operate. Since they need water pressure to operate, you usually have to run your entire filter system to keep the pressure-side cleaner running.

As you can see, a robotic cleaner is almost always the best option for cleaning an above-ground pool. They have a mesh filter bag that easily picks up debris. A few pebbles or sticks in your pool won't break your whole system. Furthermore, they run on a combination of water pressure and electricity. This lets you clean your pool even when your filter system is off. Another advantage of this method is that it can help to boost water circulation.

Ultimately, robot pool vacuums are one of the most efficient and convenient options for above-ground pool owners. Thanks to their clever design, they're extremely safe to operate in a pool despite being electric. The end result is a fresh, clean pool that you can enjoy without any stress or hassle.

When shopping for robotic vacuums, you have a lot of great products to choose from. Any robot vacuum will be a huge upgrade from standard suction-side and pressure-side cleaners. To get the absolute best robot pool vacuum for above ground pools, turn to Roker Plus. There are several reasons that we stand out from other robot vacuum producers.

1. Faster Charging Time

Cordless pool vacuums are one of the safest and easiest types of vacuums available. However, going with a cordless option does mean you need to keep your vacuum charged. Roker Plus takes all the hassle out of charging a pool vacuum. You don't have to sit around waiting all day for it to charge. Instead, the Roker Plus charges 50% faster than its top competitors. You can get enough charge to clean your own pool after just a short charge time.

2. Stronger Flow Rate

Compared to other competitors, the Roker Plus has a flow rate that is 35% higher. What does this mean? The flow rate refers to the volume of water rushing through the vacuum. A higher flow rate comes with many perks that help to make the Roker Plus the best robot pool vacuum for above ground pools. The higher pressure allows a deeper, more thorough clean. It also pushes the vacuum along at a higher speed, so it gets things done more quickly.

3. Longer Working Cycle

Does the Roker Plus have a faster charge time because its battery is so small? Not at all! This vacuum comes with an oversized battery that keeps it working until the job is done. In addition to the larger battery, the Roker Plus has an energy-efficient design that reduces the amount of charge the vacuum needs to run. The end result is that this vacuum's working cycle is 40% longer than the next top competitor.

4. Better Filtration

One of the key things you need to look for in any vacuum is good filtration abilities. Especially in above-ground pools, small bits of debris inevitably fall into the pool. If your vacuum can't filter out these particles, they get sucked into the vacuum. In the worst-case scenario, debris can break your interior components and entirely shut down your vacuum. Even if they don't do lasting damage, bits of grime can still clog your machine and reduce its ability to clean. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this with the Roker Plus. Our filter catches objects 125% smaller than other competitors can.

5. Quicker Cleaning Speeds

Roker Plus vacuums are some of the first to use Sonar detecting technology to create smart route planning. Combined with other high-efficiency features, this results in a faster clean. Compared to top competitors, Roker Plus is 11% faster. In no time at all, you'll be relaxing in your clean pool.
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