1. Do pool robots need to be installed?

There is no need for additional assembly, the product you receive is a complete product, but a warm reminder is that when you use it for the first time, just hang the float on the end of the product.


  1. Why do I need it?
    SEAUTO uses sonar technology to provide accurate underwater sensing and underwater surveys, perfectly avoid obstacles, achieve orderly cleaning, protect your pool and products, and extend the life of your pool and products. - Being the world's first pool cleaning robot with sonar technology is pretty cool, isn't it?

Secondly, combined with the attitude sensor (IMU navigation) of high-end machine equipment, it can realize automatic turning, so that your swimming pool can achieve intelligent full coverage cleaning, even the complex shape of the swimming pool is no longer a problem.

Third, we have developed an automatic escape algorithm, which can automatically escape from obstacles in 2-3min, without manual support to escape and achieve truly automatic cleaning.

Finally, it also adopts three powerful motors, two of which are brushless DC dual motors with a total of 180w, and one powerful drainage motor of 150w. You have a perfect cleaning effect.

All the technological upgrades contribute to a truly fully automated cleaning that makes pool cleaning so easy and thorough.

Of course, it has other amazing features, check out our product page details.


  1. What material is it?
    For the material, we select the material based on the patented experience of water cleaning, and use the ABS+PC material that is very suitable for water.

① ABS has excellent rigidity and firmness. Bending, impact, and tensile strength. It also has excellent tinting and electroplating properties.

② PC has outstanding impact resistance, and insulating properties, has well-balanced mechanical and electrical properties and is transparent and self-extinguishing the gasket is also harder than nylon, making it easy to use in assembled structures.


  1. How much noise is generated during cleaning?
    The noise is equal to the sound of water flow, which is 40 decibels (the sound index of the residential area at night is lower than 48 decibels, and the sound of SEAUTO operation is even higher than that of the residential area at night)


  1. What accessories will be included with the Narwhal 500?
    Narwhal 500 comes standard with the main body, charger, float, hook, 4000ml filter basket, 120mm filter, manual, and battery.

  1. How often are accessories replaced? (need to be listed separately)
    In general, we recommend that other accessories do not need to be replaced, and the filter can be replaced once in the second half of the year at the frequency of 2 cleanings per week. Regular cleaning will help you get maximum cleaning results and prolong your life. Hope it helps you!


  1. Can this pool robot be used in Above/InGround pools?
    Yes, SEAUTO is suitable for your Intex pool.


  1. Can this pool robot be used in saltwater pools? (Water PH value?)
    Yes, it can be used in a saltwater pool with a pH above 7.0, but it is recommended to wash it with clean water after use


  1. What is a TPE glue brush? What are the advantages?
    After professional and comprehensive consideration, we chose the TPE glue brush * 4, the first is to protect the bottom of your swimming pool from any damage, and, combined with our three-motor drive, it can make it Cleaning is spot on, no need to use extra vacuum hoses and filters for cleaning.


  1. How big can the narwhal-500 pick up leaves?
    The SEAUTO pool cleaning robot does a great job picking up large leaves and fine grit. Our robotic pool cleaners have an oversized top filter, they handle larger debris well and are good at trapping leaves and fine debris to keep your pool clean. The oversized bottom entry filter basket captures leaves, dirt and fine debris while also cleaning and circulating the water to keep your pool sparkling.

  1. How much does it weigh when filled with water?
    The net weight of the product is 14.10 lbs (6.40kg), it can hold 4.41 lbs (2.00kg) of water, and the weight to support the water surface is 18.52 lbs (8.40kg).

  1. Can I use a portable power source to power this robotic pool cleaner?
    The voltage and power of the robotic pool cleaner is 25.4V and 50.8W. You can power this robotic pool cleaner with a 24V portable power supply.

  1. My swimming pool is an irregular shape, do you support it? How can Irregular pool shapes be cleaned?

Yes, we support cleaning for any pool shape.

Fortunately, we use sonar technology and attitude sensor for automatic sensing and develop a full-coverage random algorithm, so any pool shape (including round, kidney, and various irregular shapes) can be deep, Thorough cleaning.


  1. What are the precautions for robot maintenance?
  2. Please store in a cool place after use
  3. Charge once a month when not in use


  1. If I find my bot doesn't work again, how can I fix it?

We promise a 12 months warranty, only replacement but not repair, door-to-door pickup.


You can contact us in the following 3 ways

  1. official phone 800-618-8968 (EST Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00)
  2. official after-sale Email:support@seautorobots.com

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at after-sale Email: support@seautorobots.com.


  1. Is there a circulating water function?

Support, after the product inhales sewage and filters dirt, it will discharge purified water to realize water circulation and reduce the cost of swimming pool water exchange.


  1. Can I get help if my warranty expires?

Yes, we will definitely help you in this situation too! We promise to only replace and not repair within one month of receiving the goods, and support non-artificial damage repairs (main body, charger, float, hook, motor, filter, etc.) from the second month to the 12th month after receiving the goods The warranty period of net and battery is 12 months; the warranty period of TPE brush is 3 months, and the warranty period of 4L filter basket is 1 month), but, you should pay the freight for this service. And payment should follow the instructions of our customer service. In this case, please contact our customer service, the following is our contact information: ① After-sales phone: 800-618-8968 (EST Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00) ② After-sales Email: support@seautorobots.com


  1. How do I get after-sales and maintenance in my country?

We have set up after-sales outlets in the US, EU, and AU. (Suspension of European operations due to current instability in European exchange rates)


  1. Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact our support team by emailing after-sale Email: support@seautorobots.com


  1. How do you ship?

We ship orders using UPS, USPS, or FedEx. But UPS is the carrier we use the most.


  1. Can I find the tracking number for the shipment?

Yes, you can. You can see the tracking number on the order page if it has been updated. Please note that the tracking number will only appear after we ship it, so there may be a delay of 1-2 days after your purchase. You can follow order updates for tracking numbers.

  1. How much is shipping? Do we need to pay taxes?

Happy to tell you that there is free shipping to U.S, and there is no need for users to bear any tariffs.

With us, you only have the price of the product, and there are no any other fees.

However, outside the U.S., the user is responsible for postage and taxes.