Roker Plus: Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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2.png  Best For Above-ground Pools
255_2048x.png  The World's 1st AI Intelligent Path Planning
250_2048x.png  Cordless & Hassle-Free

The Roker Plus is a powerful pool vacuum robot that outdoes the competition. The Roker Plus is the newest robot on the market that charges quicker and lasts 40% longer then the closes competitor, giving you more cleaning power. Our flow rate is over 35% higher then our competitors giving you better suction and a faster cleaning pace.

The Roker Plus is designed for above ground and inground pools up to 753 square feet and works best on pools with flat bottoms.

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Roker Plus

Don't spend your precious time cleaning the swimming pool anymore! The Roker Plus is here to do the dirty work for you. It will clean your swimming pool and let you focus on what really matters to you. 

The World's 1st AI Intelligent Path Planning

▷The intelligent design of the Roker Plus automatically scans the size and shape of your pool, plans a route, and cleans! 

Best For Above-ground Pools

▷The Roker 100 is your #1 choice for above-ground and flat-floored pools.

Environmentally friendly design

▷Compared to brushed motors, brushless motors have a service life of more than 15,000 hours and consumes less power.

Cordless & Hassle-Free

▷The Roker Plus is entirely cordless! Just place it into your pool and enjoy.


▷Using the latest self-parking smart technology, the Roker 100 will park near the pool wall after completing a duty cycle or when the battery reaches 10%.


▷Weighing only 7.05 lbs (3.20 kg), the Roker Plus is light enough that any family member can put it in and take it out of the pool.

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Eco-friendly with Brushless Motor

It's up to you to defend the future by saving the climate. Eco-friendly products and technologies are the key to our success. Start a more sustainable life today.


Long Battery Life

Over 15,000hrs of life performance


Brushless Motor



Longer lasting power

A third lower power consumption

Advanced Filtration System

The filter tray filters down to 180µm for more easily catches all kinds of garbage (debris, dust, gravel, dirt, leaves, etc.) We have upgraded not only the filter accuracy but also fully upgraded the flow rate to 18GPM (68LPM), while other products on the market can only reach 11GPM (42LPM).

100% Easy to use

Just place the pool cleaner in the water and consider your day free to enjoy!

Fully Automatic & Hassle Free

No more messy and tangled cords, make the cleaning process smoother than with other pool cleaners.

Self-Parking & Easy Retrieval

When the battery is low (10%) or when the cleaning operation is complete, it stops near the pool wall for you to take it out.

Fits All Pool Shapes

The Roker Plus can adjust both the front and back wheels based on different pool shapes to control the running path. Allowing you to use it on various pool shapes (rectangular / round / kidney / others) and all pool styles (above-ground / in-ground).
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MODELRoker Plus
Size 363mm*363mm*212mm
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Filter density180μm
Power 20W
Charging time ≈ 2.5 hours
Adapter/Input Voltage 100V-240V
Adapter/Output Voltage 12.6V
Adapter/Rated Power 19W
Operating temperature 0~35°C
Storage temperature -10~40°C