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Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaners

Simpler, cleaner, better

At BestRobtic, our goal is to provide you with a simple and effortless pool experience - spend more time enjoying the water and less time maintaining it. Therefore, we are constantly innovating to raise the standards of pools’ water quality and create a minimum-effort pool experience. 

The Most Effective Cleaner

When it came to comparison, You can easily tell from the specs below that no matter the power, efficiency, or price, our robotic pool cleaner has an overwhelming advantage in every category.

Powerful Motors

· 150W Pump / 6000GPH Suction Power
· 180W (90W x 2) Driving Motors
· 52.5ft /16 meters per minute

Highly Efficienct

· Cordless Fully Hassle-free
· Sonar Radar Positioning
· Smart 360° U-Shape Routing

Cleaner Than Ever

· 0.12mm Filtration Accuracy
· 2152ft² / 200㎡ Coverage
· 4 Liter Trash Tank / 2.5 hrs Battery 

Best Performance

With features including proactive sonar radar, powerful motors, high filtration efficiency, and advanced smart route planning, the BestRobtic® Narwhal 500 can save you time and quickly clean your pool in under two hours.


Best Value

Introducing the Roker 100, a lightweight and compact pool cleaner that does all the hard work for you! It's easy to operate, cordless for hassle-free, and very cost-effective. The quality is still up to par with top-access filter system with quick water release! It’s best fit for smaller above ground pools!


Check out the review

BestRobtic is 100% automation clean - With automatic obstacle sensing, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic turning, automatic cleaning along the wall, and automatic escape.

Efficienct, Automation, Hassle-free Clean - can clean 50% and faster 40%.

The world's 1st "SONAR Tech" pool cleaning robot has changed the game with its new sensing system that provides users with automatic, efficient, and worry-free cleaning.

​A True 100% Smart Navigation Cleaning - "Sonar Technology" no only ranging from a longer life cycle but also exceptional cleaning to extreme cost-effectiveness.

Cleaning with the BestRobtic will reduce the amount of labor costs and effort, and saves pool owners thousands of dollars per year.

​Easy to Use - Despite the many features this powerful device has, it only weighs 14.10lbs(6.4KG) - Meaning it is easier to carry and clean.

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