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Seauto Shark Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner App Experience

Follow the below steps to download

The Seauto mobile app (available for Android and iOS) opens to a screen with a tile for each cleaner you have. Tap any of them to change the active cleaning mode, set the speed (Quick, Standard, or Enhanced), and select the duration (a slider offers a range between one and three hours).

Here, you can also toggle voice prompts. If you turn them off, you won't have any way to tell what mode is active by looking at the device itself. The Shark's LED blinks red and then blue when you change modes, but you have to open the app to see your selection. That's not a very intuitive design choice.

Seauto Shark Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner companion app screenshots
(Credit: Seauto)

Press the gear icon in the lower right corner to update the device's firmware, change the language, create a new account, view website and telephone support information, and delete your Seauto account.