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Our robotic pool vacuum last well above

industry averages


With over 10 years of experience in the robotics and Al industryand served billions of people worldwide


Our robots redefine precision, efficiently navigating and cleaning even the most complex pool enyironments

Advanced Navigation

Seauto's patented CleverNav" Smart Navigation System utilizes advancedmulti-sensor fusion for precise pool mapping and optimized path planningensuring a comprehensive cleaning coverage.

Unprecedented Mobility

Seauto pool cleaning robots exhibit unparalleled wall climbing capability.enhanced maneuverability in complex environments, and high-precisionmotion control and obstacle avoidance.

Revolutionary Cleaning Ability

Seauto guarantees pioneering cleaning solutions, backed by numerous patents. Our products deliver optimized cleaning efficiency with three-dimensional cleaning capability, edge-cleaning proficiency, enhanced brush scrubbing power, and precision filtration.

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Intergrity, Performance, Innovation.

We are a technology brand dedicated to the globalrobotization of swimming pool environments. Withpioneering core technologies,numerous patents andindustry-first innovations, we tackle industrychallenges, boost performance, and provide you witha hassle-free pool care experience.

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Olivier Dubois

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Customer from USA

Very efficient!!

“Your robot isvery efficient. Very! He cleans the pool inless time than my old robot, he does notneed a pump and is very easy to clean...Pretty happy with you guys!”


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Customer from USA

I cannot understand the negative reviews!!

“I loved everything about my Maytronics Dolphin EXCEPT the cord. It would always wrap itself around our railing. I checked out 5 different cordless models this past summer (9 months ago). The Seauto line-up has great products for any pool.”

Allen Lyn

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Customer from Fance

Very good!

"All in all I’m very satisfied with this robot and don’t see a reason to buy another competitor’s product as this does everything needed."

Peter Rope

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Customer from USA

Upgraded to 5 stars after responsive support

"5-Sep-2023 We have now decided to adopt our Shark and name her Posie. She is not being returned. Although there is still room for software improvement, our experience so far with Seauto customer support makes us believe that Seauto will continually upgrade the firmware and Mobile App for this Shark model. In any case we can use it the way it is for our pool and we now give it a 5 star rating."

Hellen Ase

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Customer from USA

Great Selection and Quality

"Wall cleaning mode is very aggressive!!!"

David K.

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Customer From USA

Very Impressive at this Price Point

"I also appreciate the durability of this product. It feels well-made and built to last, ensuring that I'll be enjoying its cleaning prowess for many pool seasons to come.

Overall, I highly recommend the Seauto Crab to anyone in the market for an affordable pool vacuum that gets the job done efficiently and effectively. You won't be disappointed!"

Mrs & Mr K

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Customer from USA

Easy fast cleaning

"Very easy to put in and take out of the inground pool. Very easy to clean the top load basket. The basket / lid is a bit flimsy. With no cord my solar powered surface skimmer can operate w/o getting stuck. Worked great for two weeks."

Marcia McCartt

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Customer from USA

Works Great!

"We purchased the Seal to replace our Suction vac. We absolutely love this product. It climbs the pool walls with ease, scrubs the water line, and our pool has never looked better! There is a cocktail table in the corner of our pool and the seal tends to get stuck in that area..a lot. The track stopped working and the seal was going in circles. The Seauto customer service immediately responded to our email query and asked for a video. They immediately sent us a new unit."

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